Manhattan First hosts a “TRUNK OR TREAT” event every year around Halloween time. It has been a very well attended event in our community, having over 150 people in our parking lot with each of them receiving a gospel track in their bag of candy. We are glad we are a place where our community wants to come and bring their family each year! This year, TRUCK OR TREAT will be on Sunday, October 30th from 5-7pm. If you haven’t ever experienced a TRUNK OR TREAT event, volunteers from Manhattan First decorate the backend of their vehicle or trunk, organized in a line in the church parking lot, and hand out candy to each person who walks by. People from our community are also invited to sign up to win a gift card while also receiving information about Jesus and Manhattan First. 

Here are some examples of decorated trunks from 2021:


If you’d like to be a part of reaching Manhattan, here are a couple ways you can do it.

  1. Decorate your trunk: On Sunday, October 30th, pull up to the church parking lot by 4pm. Park, unload, and get set up. At 4:30pm we will gather together and pray with our team of volunteers for every person who comes through that evening. Purchase Candy a couple pieces of candy for about 200 people. If you are needing help with your candy supply, no worries, there is donated candy to help with your stash. At 7pm, clean up your car and you can head home.
  2. Help assist running our registration table, cotton candy machine, or passing out warm drinks. Meet at the church at 4pm to get your area set up and pray with the rest of our team of volunteers at 4:30pm. Please stay through the entirety of the event and then you are welcome to pack up at 7pm and head home.
  3. Pre and Post event background help. Help get our bags ready with candy, information about Jesus and Manhattan First. This will involved helping prior to the event. You will meet at the office and stuff all the bags and get them ready to be handed out. After the event is over, you will be handed a list of phone numbers to contact the following week inviting them to our Sunday morning service. Your team will be asked to send one text to each visitor who came through the night of TRUNK OR TREAT.
  4. Help set up the parking lot with lights, cones, tables, and mark off the area with tape. You will be asked to help set up and tear down but are not required to stay for the duration of the event. Your job will be done by 4:30pm and will be asked to come back at 7pm to tear everything down and put things away.

We will have a table set up in the foyer beginning October if you would like to donate candy!

Trunk or Treat Sign-up