Men, God, And Us Part V (Mathew)

When you consider the call of Jesus to follow him, it can require more than what you can give. That is what Mathew faced when Jesus called him. How did he respond, and what does it mean for you?

Men, God, And Us Part IV (John Son Of Thunder)

When we commit our lives to Christ, we become imitators of Him. We also choose to love people, but do we love as he loves? The apostle John was, in the beginning, brash and unloving but became the apostle of love. How did he change so radically? Do you wish to be that radically changed?

Men, God, And Us Part III (James Son Of Thunder)

It’s hard for us to go through something difficult and not question why God would allow it, but we need to have the correct response to adversity from a biblical perspective. What is that response?

Men, God, And Us Part II (Peter)

Peter is thought of as a bold, fearless proclaimer of the gospel. But how did he become that? To become one of the most influential preachers of all time, what had to happen to Peter must also happen to you.

Men, God, And Us Part I (Andrew)

As we seek to grow in our walk with Christ, we look to find people that can help us on our way. It is difficult not to look at the person instead of the message. We hold some people in high esteem when we should look to the Spirit behind the messenger.

Are You A Missionary Or A Mission Field?

When a message on missionary giving is given, it can elicit various responses. Do you have a heart for the lost? How we respond can be an indicator of our relationship with Christ.

Clothed In Righteousness

The world loves to point out our wrongs, keep a record of them, and use our faults against us. We as believers have a Father that knows everything about us and all we have done, and not only doesn’t keep a record of them but forgets them all together and covers us with his mercy….
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A Church In Action

Focusing on missions is vital to an influential church, but why? Can we, as believers, do the work that Christ has called us to do without it? Perhaps we could use a history lesson to answer these questions.

The Dance Of Death

We all struggle between good and evil, or as scripture puts it, between flesh and spirit. The apostle Paul also struggled with this, as described in the 7th chapter of Romans. At what point does our struggle reveal our relationship to Christ? When have we become “carnal”?