The Book Of Colossians Part X (The True Gospel)

When the secret service trains to spot counterfeit money, they don’t look at the counterfeit. They study the genuine bill to spot the counterfeit easily. When faced with the societal push to be inclusive, we can also be influenced to accept false gospels, but we can easily see them if we know the true gospel.

The Book Of Colossians Part IX (The Empowering Of The Holy Spirit)

Have you ever wanted to live out your life in a way that pleases God? There is a way you can, and it’s available to anyone who asks and will transform your life!

The Book Of Colossians Part VIII (The Complete Knowledge Of God’s Will)

Do you struggle with knowing God’s will for your life? Many of us do, and there is comfort in knowing that God wants to reveal it to us. The answer is quite simple if we listen.

For Pity’s Sake

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is essential to Christianity, but is it true? Is there a way to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what the bible records is really what happened? If it is, then it will change your life!

The Book Of Colossians Part VII (The Holy Spirit In You)

As we walk through this life with Jesus, how do we know when it is real or becomes just religion? Has your walk become just something you do, or is it for real?

The Book Of Colossians Part VI (What Are Your Expectations)

You may have heard it said, “If you don’t have any expectations, then you’re never disappointed” But sometimes, we have misaligned expectations and become disenchanted or lose hope. What are your expectations of God?

The Book Of Colossians Part V (A Confident Hope A Promised Future)

Sometimes we may think that God doesn’t listen to us or that He doesn’t care. We see the degradation of our society or the pain in our own lives or the lives of others and wonder if there is any hope. Well, there is!

The Book Of Colossians Part IV (Inward And Outward Evidence)

Have you ever struggled to know whether you are saved by grace or works? You aren’t alone; it has been debated within the church for years. But you can be sure if you listen to what the Holy Spirit reveals in God’s word.

The Book Of Colossians Part III (Patterns Of Prayer)

Having a consistent prayer life is vital to your relationship with Christ. The apostle Paul exemplified this and left us an example of the pattern of prayer that he used. Do you have a pattern that you follow?