The Resurrection

Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but is it just a tacit acknowledgment of a religious ceremony? Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do people say that I am?” How you respond to that question becomes the key to your relationship with God. Who do you say that he is?

The Book Of Jude Part V

We use terms in our everyday lives that may not express the depth of these terms when used in scripture. When we say “God is Love,”  or he is merciful, sometimes it is just a colloquialism and becomes trite. We need to understand what the New Testament writers were trying to get across.

The Book Of Jude Part IV

God is Love. Simply said but profoundly comforting is that He also loves us. His love comes to us freely and eternally. How do we respond to his love, or is a response required? The price he paid for us should elicit a response.

The Book Of Jude Part II

When we think of slavery, it makes us think of all the instances that people abused and dehumanized other people, and yet Jude, among other writers of the new testament, called themselves “slaves of Jesus Christ.” Was Jude saying that we should be abused and dehumanized by Christ, or was there another way to look at it?

The Book Of Jude

Jesus had brothers and sisters, and during his life on earth, they didn’t believe he was who he said he was. But as time went on, they did come to believe in him and had even written books included in the bible. What changed their mind?

Jesus Makes No Mistakes

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Is your perception skewed? We tend to see ourselves differently than how Jesus sees us. Our perspective needs to be changed to see ourselves correctly. Only God has the proper perspective.

Water Baptism

Understanding water baptism is vital to our lives as believers in Jesus Christ. Misunderstanding and false teachings are damaging and sometimes lead to a false sense of security. What does the Bible teach about it?

Holy Spirit Conference Part IV

The “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” has been misunderstood and thought to be limited to specific denominations, but it doesn’t have to be. God wants to use you to minister his truth and hope to others, and being baptized in his spirit will empower you to do so.