Santiago Guerrero Counter Cult Missionary

How do we continue to follow the truth when faced with a different worldview? Many religions claim the truth, and we can be sure we have a sure salvation if we cling to the good shepherd.

Hope For America (Hope In God Alone)

Feelings of hopelessness are hard to overcome and can lead to disastrous consequences. But the psalmist wrote, “Why so downcast, oh my soul, put your hope in God.” He is our hope; you can live in that hope if you want. Hope in God alone!

The Book Of Colossians Part XIV (The Cross Of Christ)

We all go through difficult times, and one of the hardest things to deal with is the “not knowing” how or why they happen. The writer of Colossians spells out the supremacy of Christ and brings us to the apex when he states that we have the assurance of God’s involvement in the cross. He…
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The Book Of Colossians Part XIII (Jesus The Reconciliation)

A broken relationship is difficult to repair and can cause significant turmoil in our lives. A broken relationship with God can bring even more trouble and hurt, but there is a way to get peace in both situations through reconciliation, which is provided through Christ.

When You Get Out Of The Boat

Most of us go through this life wanting to find safety and comfort, and we also approach our walk with the Lord the same way. But there comes a time when we need to get out of the boat and walk into the midst of the storm with Jesus. How do we get the courage…
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Spiritual Roads (Four Places We Need To Travel)

When planning a vacation or going on a business trip, we may create an itinerary. The roads we need to travel will lead us to our destination, and only the correct roads will get us where we want. Our spiritual journey is no different, and we need to be on the correct road to lead…
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The Devil Made Me Do It

You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole, or so the saying goes. That is how it is when you try and fill the void in your spiritual walk with anything other than God’s word. When battling with the enemy of your soul, use the weapons God has provided.

The Book Of Colossians Part XII (The Body Of Christ)

People want a place where they fit in; it’s innate for the human condition. But we don’t always find our place in this world, which can lead to many personal problems. But in God’s economy, we do have a place, and He has put gifts into us that will enable us to succeed.

There’s Purpose In Our Struggle (Liz Bratcher)

Are you struggling to make it through the day-to-day in your walk with Christ? Remember that you are not alone; God can comfort and help you. There are also milestones we need to remember that will help you through.

The Book Of Colossians Part XI (Jesus The Creator)

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” is a well-known scripture that tells of God’s omnipotence. But is Jesus on the same level as God? We see in scripture that he is! Who do you say that he is?