Don’t Lose Heart Part III ( The Plans God Has For You )

When we face hardships, it can be difficult to believe God sees or cares about us. That is what the Israelites faced when exiled to Babylon, but God had a plan for them, and He also has a plan for you.

Don’t Lose Heart Part II (Your Father Loves You!)

Sometimes we can believe that no one could ever love us because of what we have done, but is that true? When we see the character of God and his love for us, it can give us the hope we need.

Don’t Lose Heart Part I (The Power Of His Word)

It’s been said that witnessing to others is “One beggar showing another beggar where the food is.” But if those around us never hear it, they have no hope. We can bring hope to this world by allowing them to understand the hope in us. Are you willing?

Men God And Us Part XII (Mathias)

The disciples of Jesus were all very different men, but they all had something in common, they stayed close to Jesus and were one in purpose. What is your purpose in life? Does it line up with there’s?

Men God And Us Part X (Philip The Apostle)

We can conclude that God can’t do anything with us and come to total despair. Naomi, when faced with the loss of her sons, even told people to call her Mara, which means bitter, but God blessed her despite her despair. Can he do that with you?

Men God And Us Part IX (Bartholomew)

Sharing the gospel can be considered optional for some believers, but if you think back, how did you come to know the lORD? Did someone share their faith with you? In the life of Bartholomew, aka Nathaniel, we see an excellent example of how things have always been done when it comes to witnessing.

Men God And Us Part VIII (Simon The Zealot)

Having zeal means having great energy or enthusiasm to pursue a cause or an objective. As believers having a passion for anything other than Christ can be a warning sign that our hearts aren’t totally his, or it can also be used as a platform for expressing your commitment to him. Which one are you…
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Men God And Us Part VII (James Son Of Alpheus)

While very little is known about James, Son of Alpheus, we know that he shared a similar trait with all the other Apostles, He sacrificed everything to follow Jesus. What are you willing to sacrifice for Jesus?

Men, God, And Us Part VI (Thomas)

The Apostle Thomas is known for being a doubter, and it has been used in disparaging terms, but if it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have been told one of the greatest truths of the gospel.