When Your Father Is A Bad Dad

Fathers day is a joyous occasion that honors our dad, but sometimes it can be complicated. Not all of us had a great relationship with our fathers, but that doesn’t have to cripple us for life. There is a way to overcome a bad past relationship.

The Great Trait Of A Servant

People would like to believe that we are born “good,” but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. When we become believers, it’s even more apparent that we need to overcome these traits. Jesus gives a great life lesson to his disciples, focusing on how we are to be, and it is in complete opposition to how the world believes but is essential in making us more like him.

The Book Of Jude Part X

When false teachers enter a church it can be devastating to a local congregation, but it doesn’t have to be. When being trained to spot counterfeit bills they study the real bill so well that spotting a counterfeit becomes very easy. We can see false teaching just as easily if we know the real thing as well.

I Need You To Love Me

Believing that God loves us can be very difficult, especially when we look at ourselves from the world’s perspective. God’s character is entirely different from our own, and we need to understand how much he loves us and in what ways. Knowing this becomes a liberating knowledge and gives us a new view of ourselves.

The Book Of Jude Part IX

Many people claim that they are “saved,” but what are they basing that on? The writer of Jude gave his audience a reminder and a warning. It reminded them of the times God’s judgment fell and warned his readers to look deeper than just the surface. How do we look deeper, and what do we see?

The Book Of Jude Part VIII

Most people desire to do the things they want to do without restrictions. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be perilous when that desire creeps into the church as teaching. How did Jude, in his book, deal with this heretical teaching?

The Book Of Jude Part VII

There has always been tension in the Church between grace and works. How are we to view grace? There is a view that says we have the freedom to do what we want because God has saved us, but is that true? Does God want us to bear any responsibility for the way we live?

The Book Of Jude Part VI

We use barometers as indicators of the conditions around us, but are there spiritual barometers? James points out to his readers that there were people within the church that weren’t what they seemed. How did he know that? How do you know where you stand concerning the same indicators?

When The Lights Go Out

When we try to do things on our own, we sometimes experience success, but when it comes to pleasing God, we can become resistant to him or fall into depression because we don’t measure up. Have you tried to get to heaven in your own strength? Jesus has already accomplished everything you need for success.