The God Who Is Able

Sometimes when we look at our troubles and trials, they can seem impossible. We can become fearful and feel hopeless to overcome them, but our God is a  big God, and we can be sure that nothing is impossible with Him.
Pastor Todd Weston

The Holy Spirit And Missions Part II

Can one person make a difference? Sometimes we think that our effort won’t matter much when we give, but when the Holy Spirit gets involved, it will change everything! God is a missionary God and will be directly involved when we give according to his desire. One man made a huge difference when out of a desire to be obedient, he gave. Who was it?

Lose Your Life

At a time when there are so many voices clamoring for you to find your identity, it’s hard to know which way to go. How does God view your identity? Is He concerned with you finding yourself? How can we come to any conclusion when there arent any clear answers? Or are there?

Brian Elliot Missionary to Wales

The Holy Spirit And Missions

When we have a God-given desire to share our faith, sometimes in our zeal, we go about it on our own when what we need is the power that only comes from the Holy Spirit. How do we receive this power? Is it for everyone?

Four Lepers At The Gate

You may have heard it said that “The gospel is just one beggar showing another beggar where the food is.” But what if one beggar was stingy? We all can be possessors of great treasure that we need to be giving away. Are you hanging on to yours?
Santiago Guerrero, Counter Cult Missionary

The Sermon On The Mount Part XXI

Jesus gave us precise instructions on how to pray. Although well known, it has become a formula and can be just a ritual mindlessly followed. What was He really trying to teach us? Do we really desire to have a close relationship with the “Father” that Jesus speaks of? Do you pray for your needs or His will?

The Sermon On The Mount Part XX

We all desire to connect with God in a meaningful way. That is exactly what prayer is. Sometimes, however, we don’t realize the close relationship we desire because we make it trite and are in danger of making it just another ritual. We need to find a way to “get into a secret place” and hear from God.

The Sermon On The Mount Part XIX

When we have pride in our children or take pride in our work there is nothing wrong with that, but when we have the kind of pride the bible refers to in such scriptures as “Pride goes before a fall” or “God resists the proud” there is a definite problem that needs to be addressed. We can get to a place where God can truly use us if we let him.

The Sermon On The Mount Part XVIII

We have all become accustomed to wearing masks during the pandemic but do we put on spiritual masks as well? Hypocrisy is prevalent in all walks of life but should we let it become part of our lives? Your ultimate destiny depends on how you deal with this issue. Are you wearing a mask?