What Voice Are You Listening To?

In these chaotic times, we have many voices pushing and pulling us, vying for our attention. What voice are you listening to? Which side do we take? There is a clear answer.

Money; Not to be Trusted

The “rich” are admonished many times in scripture but do we exclude ourselves because we don’t consider that were rich? Do we trust in God or not? Sometimes we need to look at these things from a different perspective.

Giving Christmas Hope Part IV

Understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ is essential in understanding who we are and what we are to do as believers. It can also be a catalyst for effective ministry.

Giving Christmas Hope Part III

Do we overcomplicate the gospel? Giving Christmas is simply the believer doing what God did for us, He gave Jesus! How do we accomplish this in today’s complicated world?

Giving Christmas Hope Part II

Christmas can be a very difficult time for some of us and sometimes it is hard to find hope. We have a sure hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ and it can be the refuge we seek in the storm.

Giving Christmas Hope

Hope is something that can be very elusive, and sometimes we need desperately to find it. How do we find hope in this hopeless world? The answer is found in a person, not a concept.


In our walk with the Lord, sometimes it’s easy to overcomplicate things. Just getting back to basics will go a long way in keeping us on a straight path. Find out how in this message from guest speaker Pastor Jason Geesman.

The Priestly Blessing Part III

We live in a tumultuous world, and it becomes more and more difficult to have any peace. Are you experiencing a lack of peace in your life? There is only one way to receive it and live in it despite the circumstances. In this third installment of Pastor Billy’s series, he will show you how.

The Priestly Blessing Part II

God desires to have a close personal relationship with us. He says in his word;
The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you, but what does that mean? In this second in a series, Pastor Billy explores this and other truths. 

The Priestly Blessing

We ask God to “bless” people when we pray for them or even when they sneeze, but do we really understand what that means? How is it truly understood from God’s point of view? Find out in this first installment of a new series from Pastor Billy.