Who Are You?

Jesus tells us that we need to lose our life to find it. This is very counter to our culture and our human nature, but it is essential in defining who we are. In today’s message, Pastor Billy helps us understand this difficult precept of scripture.

Cry Out To God, The Cycle Of Apostasy

If we were to examine our lives closely are we able to see if we are becoming complacent or calloused in our response to sin? We see a cycle of apostasy in the ancient Israelites but do we have to fall into the same pattern?

“Go” Part II

As we journey through this life, how do we fulfil the calling to share the gospel? Is there a special calling? Do we wait for God to call us?
Article on Salvation: https://ag.org/-/media/AGORG/Beliefs/Salvation/HowCanIbeSaved.pdf
Article on The Baptism In The Holy Spirit: