Why Missions ?

When asked to give to missions, do we consider it essential, or is it just not that important? It depends on your knowledge and perspective. Today’s message comes from someone who may change your perspective and how you view it.

Normal And Biblical

Sharing your faith with someone can be intimidating, but when you are truly saved it becomes second nature. We are given the ability to bring the good news to those around us by the Holy Spirit, he will enable you.

The Book Of Colossians Part XXI (Built Up And Rooted In Christ)

Looking at the world around us, it’s easy to get focused on all of the chaos and turmoil. But, we can get our eyes focused on the giver of life and live victorious lives through him.

The Book Of Colossians Part XX (Jesus As Lord)

Many people receive Jesus as their savior, but not many receive him as Lord. Are we just looking to reap the benefits of heaven but not live the type of life God has called us to? Have you made Jesus the Lord of your life?

The Book Of Colossians Part XIX (Wisdom)

Seeking wisdom is a very good thing to do. Determining the right path or making the right decisions can be accomplished if we can attain wisdom. But many people have attained it, leaving them with even more questions or unfulfilled. What was missing?

The Book Of Colossians Part XVIII (Love One Another)

Living out our walk with Jesus encompasses many disciplines, but none more significant than loving one another. In the letter to the Corinthians,, the apostle Paul says most emphatically that it’s the most important of all.

The Book Of Colossians Part XVII (Conformed Into His Image)

When we come to know Jesus, it’s a new and dynamic experience, but does it stop there? The goal of the Holy Spirit in our lives is to transform us and make us a catalyst for change around us. Where are you on your journey?

The Book Of Colossians Part XVI (Suffering)

Going through pain and suffering is difficult for all of us, but when we suffer as Christians, it can be even more complicated when we don’t understand why. Is God mad at me, or have I lost faith? Is he trying to test me, or have I done something wrong? There are good biblical answers…
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The Book Of Colossians Part XV (Whats Your Motivation?)

Being an effective witness for Jesus can depend on many things. One of the greatest evangelists in the history of Christianity, the apostle Paul, put it very briefly in the epistle to the Colossians that it depends on your motivation. What are you motivated by?