The Sermon On The Mount Part XVIII

We have all become accustomed to wearing masks during the pandemic but do we put on spiritual masks as well? Hypocrisy is prevalent in all walks of life but should we let it become part of our lives? Your ultimate destiny depends on how you deal with this issue. Are you wearing a mask?

The Sermon On The Mount Part XVII

How we respond to the call to give can be an indicator of the condition of our hearts. God doesn’t need your money but he is concerned about the motives of your heart. Do you struggle with the call to give?

The Sermon On The Mount Part XVI

Jesus said some very difficult things in the sermon on the mount. When he said to love your enemies and to be perfect as your father in heaven what was the reason? Was it to make us better people or to pat ourselves on the back? There is a goal that Jesus is working towards with us and it has to do with his ultimate mission.

The Sermon On The Mount Part XV

The word of God can be challenging at times. When we run into scripture, that is very hard do we make the word of God line up with our lives, or do we make our lives line up with the word? How we respond can reveal the motive of our hearts and may explain how much we grow in our spiritual walk.

Sermon On The Mount Part XIV

Divorce has become commonplace in our society, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Jesus spoke on this topic in the sermon on the mount, and what he had to say sheds light on what God thinks about it. God hates divorce, but there is healing and hope for anyone found to be in this situation.

Modern Day Knight

We see an obsession with our culture to create larger-than-life icons. Honesty, strength, bravery, honor, and truth are all things we aspire to and can be found in the person of Jesus Christ. He can also transform us into the very thing we desire to see. Do you see yourself displaying these traits? Do you want to?

Are You A Creature Or A New Creature?

We can see when our home needs a renovation, but are we aware of the need for an inner restoration of the heart? What do we do when we see our walk with Jesus needing a restoration? Is there a way to deal with the “Old Man” and receive a new heart?

Communion Sunday

When we do something repetitively, it can become a mechanical exercise. But, when we do it with our walk with the Lord, it can be the very reason we don’t see God moving in our lives. If we want God’s power to change our world, we need to be giving Him our whole heart. Communion is an opportunity to examine our hearts and get back to what God wants for our lives.

The Sermon On The Mount Part XIII

When Jesus gave the sermon on the mount, he said things that may leave us with feelings of hopelessness that we can never fulfill or live up to. When he said, ” If your right eye offends, you pluck it out.” or “If your right hand offends, you cut it off.” Was he literal? Is there something deeper that he was addressing? Yet, there is hope in the meaning of these words.

The Sermon On The Mount Part XII

Living in this world as believers sometimes we allow ourselves to acclimate to the world’s standards instead of affecting the world around us. What is your standard? Can we affect the world for Jesus and still live by the world’s standards?