The Book Of Colossians Part VI (What Are Your Expectations)

You may have heard it said, “If you don’t have any expectations, then you’re never disappointed” But sometimes, we have misaligned expectations and become disenchanted or lose hope. What are your expectations of God?

The Book Of Colossians Part V (A Confident Hope A Promised Future)

Sometimes we may think that God doesn’t listen to us or that He doesn’t care. We see the degradation of our society or the pain in our own lives or the lives of others and wonder if there is any hope. Well, there is!

The Book Of Colossians Part IV (Inward And Outward Evidence)

Have you ever struggled to know whether you are saved by grace or works? You aren’t alone; it has been debated within the church for years. But you can be sure if you listen to what the Holy Spirit reveals in God’s word.

The Book Of Colossians Part III (Patterns Of Prayer)

Having a consistent prayer life is vital to your relationship with Christ. The apostle Paul exemplified this and left us an example of the pattern of prayer that he used. Do you have a pattern that you follow?

The Old Indian (Guest Speaker Bryon Elliott)

Do you deal with the consequences of bad choices in your past? The theme of the book of proverbs deals with wisdom and making the right choices, but it also can help you navigate through the difficulties of bad decisions and help us get back to solid ground

The Book Of Colossians Part II (Being In Christ)

We meet people who claim to be Christians and believe they are on good terms with God but are they? The scriptures tell us we are to be “In Christ,” but what does that mean?

The Book Of Colossians Part I (You Are Significant)

Our society puts a great deal of emphasis on what’s popular, but Jesus wasn’t like that. He will go out of his way just for you, no matter your position or importance.

Dont Lose Heart Part V (Love Yourself Correctly)

When you think about who you talk to the most, it may surprise you to know it’s to yourself. Self-talk can be very defeating if not done through the lens of scripture, but you need to see yourself according to God’s word. Who does scripture say you are?

Don’t Lose Heart Part IV( I Will Give You Rest )

How do we find peace and comfort when facing doubt and fear from life’s circumstances? Even when we don’t feel it, our God can give us rest.