Don’t Lose Heart


What will 2023 hold? For some, it just looks the same: areas of our lives that feel hopeless.

To those of you who can’t see out of your despair, for those longing for hope, for those who can’t see past your hurts and pains, this January we are saying “Don’t Lose Heart, don’t you dare let go.”

Based on Steven Curtis Chapman’s song we are launching a month of encouragement for us all. He says in his incredibly powerful song titled Don’t lose heart:

 “don’t lose heart, don’t you dare let go

I’ve been where you are, you’re never gonna be alone

I know it gets dark, I know it gets hard

But we’re gonna make it home, so don’t lose heart”

Through his own story of tragic loss, hurt, and pain, God would do what we sometimes think is impossible, breathe hope into his family’s life.

God will breathe hope in each of us as well through His Word, and prayer.

We promise you do not want to miss one Sunday in January. Read below for the details of this month’s prayer emphasis and bible reading plan!

Bible Reading: What is the “Power of 4?”

The Power of 4 is a challenge to be in the Word a minimum of 4 times a week. Based on scientific evidence of how reading our bible at least 4 times a week can truly affect our relationship with God for the better. We will be following a specific bible reading plan in January based on this evidence. We understand that many people already have specific ways to read their bible, but we are asking you to try out this plan with us, just for January.

The specific Bible reading plan will be four parts of the Bible every time you read, at least four times a week. That plan is:

  1. 2 chapters in the Old Testament
  2. 3 Psalms
  3. 1 Proverb
  4. 2 Chapters in the New Testament

For more information about the Power of 4 click HERE.


Last year for our prayer emphasis, we did a 24-hour prayer initiative into the new year where individual people covered different hours of the day in prayer. This year we wanted to do the same thing, but instead of one day, we are doing a 24-hour prayer initiative every Saturday in January. Our prayer dates will be January 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. We will start prayer at 8 am on Saturday and end it at 8 am on Sunday. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to pray for 24 hours every Saturday this month. If you remember last year’s prayer initiative, it will be the same thing! We are asking that you sign up below for a one-hour time slot each Saturday. Our goal is to cover all 4 Saturdays in 24 hours of prayer.

Every Saturday in January, there will be a 24 Hour Prayer post on our Manhattan First Family Facebook page that we are asking you to please comment on and share when you start praying.  If you feel led to let us know what God was speaking to you during that hour, we would love to hear about it in that same post’s comment section.

If you don’t have Facebook, of course, you can still pray with us! We will list your name and the hour time slot you are taking so everyone will know who is covering it. For example, Pastor Billy doesn’t have a Facebook, but in the comment section our post will say “Billy Simar will join our 24-hour prayer from 2:00-3:00 am.” It is also okay if people double up on times. Please choose the hour(s) and day(s) you are committing to pray on the list that is located down below. Once you click submit, you are signed up! 

We have 4 prayer points and scriptures for you to focus on during your hour of prayer. To go over the 4 prayer points click HERE.

If you are available, we will be ending each 24-hour prayer at the church on Sunday mornings. We will be meeting in room 12 from 7:30 am to 8:00 am. The dates of those prayer meetings are Sunday, January 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th from 7:30-8:00 am. If you are not able to make it, that is okay! We just wanted to give people the opportunity to come together and close out our 24-hour prayer dates together.

Sunday mornings:

Each sermon in January will be based on a different song that is ultimately saying “don’t give up, just hang on!” Those songs will be:

  1. Don’t Lose Heart by Steven Curtis Chapman – January 1st and 8th
  2. I Understand by Smokie Norful – January 15th
  3. I Will Carry You by Ellie Holcomb – January 22nd
  4. Heart of God by Zack Williams – January 29th

We want to encourage you to try and make every Sunday’s service in January. You won’t want to miss out! We are excited to start the new year off with a month of encouragement!

24 Hour Prayer

Please let us know if you will be commenting what hour you are praying! If you do not have Facebook we will comment for you(Required)
January 7th
January 14th
January 21st
January 28th